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l6o                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

hanging  down,   the   other   drawn  back  with   the
hair behind.

The women were all in wigs, generally as
different as possible from the true colour of their
hair; their faces almost totally obscured. Their
caps and hats had much gold and velvet, and
very small feathers; their waists immoderately
short, their faces daubed, their necks covered,
their gowns muslin, with a great profusion of
gold spangles and gold fringe.

We had some excellent singing by Garat,
who has a delightful voice and great taste; and
as he was there as one of the company, perfectly
at his ease, he sang jovially and without being
asked. He has thirty thousand livres for twelve
nights at the theatre. A Mademoiselle Molinos
played on the harp, and Mademoiselle du Fresnoy
on the piano, in an astonishing manner.

At half-past four we sat down to a grand
dejeuner; then concertoed till ten; then supped;
then danced—(pas moi)—it would not have suited
my diplomatic dignity, and still less my gray
hairs; for I am grown very gray from living with
Lord Malmesbury.

The late Bishop of Angers, Citoyen Couet de
Lory, lives a few doors off from me, avec set petite
gouvernante, et son bon magot d'ecus. Citoyen Tersan